Candles, Plants and Yahweh!

Three of my favourite things that I can share with you.

The name 'URIAH' translates from Hebrew to 'Yahweh is my light'. This name stuck out for me, because candles provide a tangible light source and God is an eternal light source.

While I appreciate candles, I don’t enjoy the price point behind them; my favourite candle is $30 - and that’s just the small size. 
I enjoy how candles can change the tone and atmosphere of a room, but most importantly the way they make me feel. Originally the goal was to make affordable candles. But, as I began to research candle wax, I discovered how toxic paraffin wax was for the environment - and for us too! The goal then changed to: make affordable, ethical, and locally sourced candles.

Plants, are a new found love that "grew" during one of the quarantines. Most likely, a plant in my collection was getting a teeny bit unruly, so I decided to chop, prop, and share.

I genuinely hope you find something you love! 🌿🕯

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